Everyone wants to be known.

That begins with knowing yourself first.

"The most comprehensive workbook on this topic I've seen to date."

"I highly recommend this workbook to anyone who really wants to get intentional about understanding themselves and where they want to go."

"Organized into meaningful and manageable bite-sized activities that simultaneously challenge and encourage you to become more self aware and grow as a human."

"I loved it so much that I will be gifting this as a birthday present to all my close friends and family! I can't wait to see the conversations it sparks!"

In The Examined Life Workbook, you will embark on a bold journey toward knowing yourself—identifying where you are now, discovering who you want to become, and developing a path to connect the two. You’ll find over 70 bite-sized tools, strategies, and exercises that are strategically sequenced into four parts—before, here, there, between. This workbook serves as your guide as you exponentially increase your self-awareness and step more fully into your true self. It's the only workbook of its kind.


10% of all profits from the sales of this book are donated to the American Brain Tumor Association. If you'd like to support the ABTA without purchasing the workbook, click on the ABTA tab above to donate now.

About the Author

Brittany Salsman (she/her), a former educator, was checking all the boxes until everything abruptly changed in 2017. A diagnosis of a brain tumor launched her into a life-long relationship with posttraumatic growth. She now works as an ICF credentialed life coach to help high-achieving women discover what's next.

She fundamentally believes that everyone wants to be known and that begins with knowing yourself first. Her clients explore where they are now, who they want to become, and how to connect the two. They walk away with a deeper, more intimate knowing of themselves that allows them to have a Life Lived by Design.


This book would not be possible without the invaluable support of my writing coach, Britt Leigh. If you are writing a book or have dreams of writing a book, I highly recommend having her in your corner throughout the entire process. Visit BrittLeighWrites.com for more details.


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